Features and tools

Ready for all sorts of projects

The Virtual Private Server packages are designed with all of the functionalities and software instruments that you’ll require so as to operate your resource–hungry sites and apps from just a single location. Each Virtual Private Server bundle boasts a range of Linux OS versions, SSD storage, admin access and regular offsite backups. You will get ensured CPU and RAM memory allowances for faster data transfer rates. At the same time, you will receive a free–of–charge Website Control Panel as a special bonus.

Admin Panel

A one–stop solution for handling your virtual private server

Each OpenVZ VPS hosting server comes all set for you to work with. At registration, you will be able to select your Linux distribution (Ubuntu, CentOS or Debian) and you will, in addition have your very own copy of the SolusVM Panel or the Virtuozzo Power Panel. They are both effective admin interfaces, which make it easy to reboot your machine anytime and deliver complete resource usage stats.

SSD disks

Maximize your site’s efficiency with our SSD–centered Virtual Servers

Each of the Virtual Servers available from Certify Host comes designed with SSD drives as opposed to typical HDDs. Obtaining SSD drives on your VPS can be a wonderful advantage for your online presence. SSDs offer much better reading/writing speeds and additionally allow for more rapid file accessibility. This basically implies that almost everything on your web server will function much faster, including all your sites and applications.

A Choice of Control Panel solutions

Numerous website management interfaces to choose from

We have provided a couple of Control Panel setups to pick from at sign–up. You can decide on the widely used cPanel, the more advanced DirectAdmin user interface and our in–house built Certify Host Control Panel, which is accessible in more than ten different languages and is absolutely free for you. On the sign–up page, simply decide on your recommended Website Control Panel from the handy drop–down navigation menu and we will do the installation for you on your server.

OS alternatives

Make a choice between Debian, CentOS and Ubuntu

We offer you a collection of Linux OS versions for your VPS at sign–up. On the order page, you can opt for among the following Linux distribution options – CentOS, Debian or Ubuntu. Only opt for the one that you want and we’re going to handle the installation for you.

A choice of data center choices

Choose a data center in the States, the United Kingdom or Australia

The data center facility region is a crucial factor for reaching high–speed web page loading connections. That is why, we offer you a variety of Data Centers – so that you can easily have your sites and applications located as near to your targeted visitors as possible. You can easily consider a datacenter in the US in Chicago, a datacenter in the UK in close proximity to London and an datacenter in AU in the town center of Sydney. All of these options are offered on the signup form where you can easily go for your recommended virtual server set–up.

Free–of–cost bonuses

A free–of–charge domain supplier profile, a help support & billing tool and more

Your virtual server comes provided with an Operating System of your choosing and with a plenty of 100% free benefits, so it’s possible to quickly start off and control your online presence. You are going to enjoy a free–of–charge Website Control Panel, which is offered in over ten languages, a totally free dedicated IP address and a group of free–of–charge applications for your reseller hosting firm – the ClientExec assistance & billing application and a domain name reseller account.